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Amanda Holden – I predicted Boyle’s breakdown

amanda holden

amanda holden

Amanda Holden has claimed that she predicted Susan Boyle’s would have a breakdown days before it occurred even though she earlier stated ‘Susan Boyle has no underlying mental issues’

Susan Boyle was checked into The Priory rehab clinic after coming second to Diversity in the show’s final.  The shows producers later confirmed that she was “exhausted and emotionally drained”.

Reflecting on the whole event , Holden told the Daily Star: “I was worried Susan wouldn’t be able to handle it. Then, a week later she checked into The Priory. I was like Mystic Mandy.”

Susan Boyle eventually left the after five days and was instantly snapped up by Simon Cowell‘s record label. She is now currently working on her debut album.

Simon Cowell recently stated  that Susan’s breakdown came because she “didn’t know how to cope with losing”.

Susan’s brother  Gerry has agreed with the music mogul’s view, commenting: “Susan doesn’t take rejection very well. That’s not to say she doesn’t bounce back, she does. It’s a lack of confidence and a case of getting overworked up. With Britain’s Got Talent, it all just became too much.”

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