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Kerry Anne Boyle

Susan Boyle’s second cousin Kerry Anne Boyle auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent and is being touted as the new Subo against Janey Cutler who has been nicknamed Nubo

Daily Mail Paul Revoir printed

Forget SuBo, meet TwoBo! Now Susan’s cousin stuns Britain’s Got Talent judges

“Stuns” soon becomes:

Kerry-Anne’s performance of Sting’s Fields Of Gold received a somewhat mixed response from the judges.

So what do you think – I have my own view but I will let you make up your own mind but here is what the judges said

Amanda Holden:

“It is clearly genetic, you’ve got the Boyle factor.”

One website Translation: You’re fat and ordinary, like Susan Boyle, yet have made it onto the telly.

Piers Morgan:“It was an incredibly good performance.”

Translation again from said website : You’re fat and ordinary and can still remember the words to a song.

Simon Cowell “I think that without the connection with Susan there wouldn’t really be much interest to be honest.”

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