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Paul Potts not competing with Susan Boyle

Paul Potts has insisted that he does not regard Susan Boyle as a rival following her recent success.

Boyle has secured a strong international fanbase since making her debut on Britain’s Got Talent in April, mirroring Potts’s own experience on the ITV1 programme’s first series in 2007.

The Scottish singer is expected to soon join Potts on Simon Cowell’s record label, however the show’s original winner does not believe that they are in competition.

Speaking to Seven magazine, he explained: “We sing different styles of music. And one’s a male voice and one’s a female voice, and that makes a difference.”

Potts also revealed that he has become more ambitious since making his TV debut two years ago.

He commented: “It’s good to get a day off occasionally. But when you’re in the market, you think: ‘What could I be doing with today to become even more successful?’ You think: ‘Just get me some work. Get me a performance on a channel’. You don’t get too many opportunities and you have to grab each one, because I have to be a success if I’m going to continue to do this.”

Potts released his second album Passione earlier this month.

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Susan Boyle Well On The Road To Recovery

Susan Boyle is “recovering well” after having an anxiety attack caused by the pressures of fame, PR consultant Max Clifford has said.

susan boyle singing

susan boyle singing

The Britain’s Got Talent runner-up is being treated at the Priory clinic in north London after being admitted there on Sunday.

One of the show’s judges, Simon Cowell, plans to help her launch a professional career when she is better, said his spokesman Mr Clifford, who has spoken to her two brothers.

Mr Clifford added: “They (the brothers) are saying they weren’t surprised by what happened, due to the speed of everything that happened, with her getting worldwide fame in seconds.

“Provided she’s given a few days and then allowed to be as normal as possible, she should be fine.”

He went on: “She is recovering well. All she wants to do is sing.”

PR consultant Max Clifford

Another of the show’s judges, Amanda Holden, said Boyle has “no underlying mental issues” and is simply exhausted.

Holden said she did not know how long the Scottish star, from Blackburn, west Lothian, would spend at the Priory, but said doctors had assured show staff that the singer was mentally sound.

Boyle was the bookies’ favourite to win Britain’s Got Talent on Saturday night but came second behind dance group Diversity.

Simon Cowell want to work with Susan Boyle

Simon Cowell want to work with Susan Boyle

Police were called to her hotel after she began acting strangely, and the 48-year-old was taken to the clinic after being assessed under the Mental Health Act.

In the space of eight weeks, Boyle has gone from the quiet life of a church volunteer in a small town in Scotland to having global fame.

Culture Secretary Andy Burnham has underlined the importance of the duty of care to contestants on reality TV shows like Britain’s Got Talent.

He said: “There is a need to look after people properly, not just in front of the camera but around the intense process.”

Meanwhile, there has been speculation about Boyle’s future, with most predicting commercial success but some saying she would have a hard time attracting a paying audience.

Mr Clifford said: “She’s going to have potentially huge album sales, particularly in America. Americans absolutely love her.

“Everyone wants her on their show singing. That gives her massive potential, and Simon will make sure she has the best songs and the best productions.”

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Susan Boyle moved to safe house

Can Susan make it to meet the Queen?

Can Susan make it to meet the Queen?

Britain’s Got Talent star Susan Boyle has been moved to a “safe house” as she prepares for Saturday’s final.

One judge, Piers Morgan, confirmed that she had become so “distraught” at negative media headlines this week that she almost quit the ITV show.

He said the singer from West Lothian was now relaxing with one of her closest friends from Scotland.

A former psychologist for Big Brother said she should be withdrawn from the contest to protect her mental health.

The 48-year-old church volunteer from Blackburn became an international sensation after her performances attracted millions of hits on video sharing websites.

But she is reported to be feeling the pressure, apparently losing her temper with tabloid reporters in the lobby of a hotel in North London.      If Britain’s Got Talent was an experiment in any university we would have to draw a line on that experiment
Professor David Wilson

Speaking on BBC Radio, Mr Morgan said he did not believe she would quit the show.

“She had a rocky moment a couple of days ago when she woke up and saw some very negative headlines and suddenly felt the pressure of world attention,” he said.

“You have to remember this is someone who has gone from complete anonymity to global stardom in the space of six weeks.

“It’s understandable. People should give her a bit of slack. She’s 24 hours from the biggest day of her life and she’s starting to feel the heat.”

The former tabloid editor said Ms Boyle had been reduced to tears several times during the week.

Psychological help

He said psychological and medical help was available to contestants, although he could not say if she had asked for such assistance.

“She is very distraught, to the extent where she packed her bags and was going to leave the show,” he said.

“She just didn’t see the point of continuing if every time she picked up the newspapers there was another avalanche of abuse.”

Responding to his comments, Professor David Wilson, a former psychologist for reality TV show Big Brother, said Ms Boyle should be stopped from going into the final.

He said: “I am amazed by the honesty he showed in revealing the depth of how distraught Susan Boyle is.

“If Britain’s Got Talent was an experiment in any university we would have to draw a line on that experiment because ethically we would be putting the person at the heart of that experiment through emotional turmoil.

“It’s a duty of care, it’s about a moral responsibility. The harrowing week that Piers was describing hasn’t been created by the press. The harrowing week has been created by the programme.”

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Susan Boyle in ‘floods of tears’ as fame takes toll

Piers Morgan kissed by Susan Boyle

Piers Morgan kissed by Susan Boyle

Piers Morgan has jumped to the defence of Susan Boyle, describing how the Britain’s Got Talent star has been in ‘floods of tears’ as the pressures of fame have taken their toll.

Speaking this morning on LBC 97.3 radio, Morgan called for the media to go easy on the church volunteer, who’s suffered a backlash this week after being accused of a foul-mouthed rant witnessed by guests at the Wembley Plaza Hotel, and then publicly losing her temper in the lobby.

Following the latter incident, Boyle was photographed speaking to two police officers, leading her publicist to issue a statement stating, ‘The police were escorting a journalist from the premises who had been winding Susan up. Susan and her sister were talking to the police telling them what had happened.’

Now Morgan has spoken out about the intense media attention Boyle has received, calling her ‘an incredibly sweet, nice, gentle person who has been propelled through this show.’

The judge described, ‘Anybody who has gone through that incredible transformation is going to be feeling the most unbelievable pressure… you could see the nerves almost crippling her on the semi-final show and I just think it’s time that everyone slightly backed off.’

He added, ‘Knowing her as I do, she’s been incredibly upset this week. She’s been in floods of tears.’

As for the reported hotel outburst, and Morgan described reports as ‘massively exaggerated.’

With a final message to the singer, dubbed the Hairy Angel, he added, ‘You know what, Susan, all you have to concentrate on now is doing an amazing performance on Saturday. You’re the red-hot favourite. There are people who want you to fail.’

The final of Britain’s Got Talent takes place this Saturday

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