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Susan Boyle Security Scare

Magnificent: Susan Boyle performed a triumphant new version of I Dreamed a Dream at the final but it was not quite enough to win the public vote for the top prize

Magnificent: Susan Boyle performed a triumphant new version of I Dreamed a Dream at the final but it was not quite enough to win the public vote for the top prize

Susan Boyle is going to step up security at her home in Scotland after the amazing singer was disturbed by intruders in her garden as she enjoyed her Christmas break.
Susan spotted two people creeping around her back garden late in the  night – luckily they fled when she opened the curtains.

Her elder brother Gerry is now trying to urge her to consider moving to a more secure area.
He says, “I hate to think what might have happened if they had broken into the house when she was on her own. They could have had knives on them or anything. “Susan rang me to tell me she’d had intruders like it was an everyday occurrence.

“She hadn’t mentioned the incident to anyone or even reported it to the police. When she casually dropped it into the conversation I was really shocked. This can’t go on any longer. She now has to realise that living in this small house is no longer suitable and more importantly not safe for her”.
Meanwhile, concerned sibling Gerry insists there is nothing in his sister’s home that’s worth taking and that Susan has installed a panic alarm that connects her straight to the local police. This incident comes after Simon Cowell hired security guards for the singer in November

He adds, “At present she has not seen a penny of her fortune but knows it will soon be coming her way. The problem is she can’t get her head round the extreme wealth that is coming and the implications for her future. “People will think because she is about to become very rich she will have all kinds of valuables scattered around the house.

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Susan Boyle to buy her Blackburn council house

susan boyle singing

susan boyle singing

Britain’s Got Talent star Susan Boyle is going to buy her council house in Blackburn.

Susan has lived in the semi-detached property since she was a baby,  but was never able to afford a mortgage until now.

Susan has been recording her debut album in London recently after being snapped up by Simon Cowell‘s SyCo record label and is currently staying in an upmarket flat in the capital.

Susan’s  older brother Gerry told the Daily Record: “Susan walked into the local council office and told them that although she was living in London, she didn’t want them to rent her house to anyone else.

“I think people were a bit shocked to see her but they told her they had no plans to let it go to anyone else – and now she wants to buy it. She will never forget her roots.”

Discussing the other big changes in his sister’s life, he added: “She has been given a mobile phone for the first time but can only make calls. She hasn’t got her head round texting yet.”

Simon Cowell recently promised that Boyle will “surprise a lot of people” with her debut disc.

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Susan Boyle fearful about her future

Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent

Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent

Susan Boyle’s brother has admitted that the Britain’s Got Talent star is living in fear of rejection.

Susan is currently busy recording her debut album. However, Susan’s older brother Gerry has now revealed that she  is still plagued by her insecurities and is fearful about returning to her old life.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror, he explained: “Susan absolutely loves the life she is leading now. But it has left her fearful of going back to how things were, living on her own waiting for her singing dream to come true. She has asked me many times: ‘Gerry, what happens if this all stops?'”

Commenting on the incident, Gerry added: “Susan doesn’t take rejection very well. That’s not to say she doesn’t bounce back, she does. It’s a lack of confidence and a case of getting overworked up. With Britain’s Got Talent it all just became too much.”

Susan recently confirmed that she is keen to stay in the public eye following her recent success.

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Paul Potts not competing with Susan Boyle

Paul Potts has insisted that he does not regard Susan Boyle as a rival following her recent success.

Boyle has secured a strong international fanbase since making her debut on Britain’s Got Talent in April, mirroring Potts’s own experience on the ITV1 programme’s first series in 2007.

The Scottish singer is expected to soon join Potts on Simon Cowell’s record label, however the show’s original winner does not believe that they are in competition.

Speaking to Seven magazine, he explained: “We sing different styles of music. And one’s a male voice and one’s a female voice, and that makes a difference.”

Potts also revealed that he has become more ambitious since making his TV debut two years ago.

He commented: “It’s good to get a day off occasionally. But when you’re in the market, you think: ‘What could I be doing with today to become even more successful?’ You think: ‘Just get me some work. Get me a performance on a channel’. You don’t get too many opportunities and you have to grab each one, because I have to be a success if I’m going to continue to do this.”

Potts released his second album Passione earlier this month.

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Susan Boyle won’t manage entire Britain’s Got Talent live tour

Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent

Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent

Susan Boyle will reportedly only take part in a number of shows on the Britain’s Got Talent live tour.

The 48-year-old, who was admitted into the Priory clinic suffering from exhaustion after losing out to Diversity in the ITV1 show final, is said to be conserving her energy to record an album.

Boyle is currently in London where rehearsals for the 23-date live show are taking place, however organisers are yet to confirm whether she will perform on the opening night in Birmingham on Friday.

“Everything depends on Susan and how she feels. We have made it clear that we are in her hands and we just want to make sure that she is fit and well,” a source told The Sun.

“At the moment it looks like Susan will join the rest of the BGT finalists on stage on some of the dates, but she won’t do the entire tour. The details are still being worked out.

“Susan is most excited about starting work on her album and we have a responsibility to make sure she is cared for and is happy and well.”

Boyle’s brother Gerry recently dismissed speculation that the talent show star had a learning difficulty.

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Susan Boyle ‘not suffering from learning difficulty’

susan boyle singing

susan boyle singing

The brother of Britain’s Got Talent finalist Susan Boyle has dismissed speculation that she suffers from a learning difficulty.

Fears over the 48-year-old’s mental health were raised after she checked herself into the Priory following the competition’s final, complaining of physical and mental exhaustion. She was also claimed to be finding her overnight fame difficult to cope with.

Speaking to Closer, her brother Gerry said: “There is no truth in this – it’s rubbish.

“Susan can get over-anxious. She gets flustered in situations where you and I wouldn’t.”

Earlier this week, Boyle was reported to have told the News Of The World that she was ready to “take on the world” following her brief stint at the London clinic.

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Susan Boyle feeling much better

Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent

Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent

Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle is “feeling much better” after seeking medical treatment for exhaustion following the intense finale of U.K. reality show Britain’s Got Talent.

The star, who took the world by storm with her extensive vocal range, checked herself into the Priory Hospital in London last weekend  after finishing second on the TV programme last Saturday.

She has since recovered and left the mental health facility on Thursday

And her brother Gerry Boyle has assured fans she’s fit and well – and is now focusing on her future in the music industry.

He tells, “As far as I can tell she is absolutely fine. I believe she is with the musical people at a flat  in central London. The conversation has now moved on from the Priory to talk about her musical career. She is feeling much better”.

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Suan Boyle is invited to perform for Obama

Susan I Dig ya

Susan I Dig ya

Britain’s Got Talent finalist Susan Boyle has reportedly been invited to sing for President Barack Obama on Independence Day.

Speaking to the Daily Record, her older brother Gerry claimed that she had been asked to perform at the White House on July 4, but admitted that she was still feeling “exhausted”.

“Her dream is still very much alive. In fact, it’s only just starting… She’s been battered non-stop for the last seven weeks and it has taken its toll. But she’ll be looking forward now to the Fourth of July,” he said.

The 48-year-old has been recuperating at London’s Priory clinic since Saturday after the reality show’s final left her feeling “exhausted and emotionally drained”.

“She [sounded] a lot better [yesterday], a bit happier and more like herself. She was a wee bit anxious… and a bit fatigued. She’s also a wee bit homesick and she misses her cat, Pebbles,” Gerry said.

He added that his sister is still “coming to terms with the fact that the world wants to hear her sing” and is “trying to take in everything that’s happened”.

“She’s not used to it. She is just a normal woman who is not used to dealing with the world’s media and she’s had no management structure around her,” he explained. “Susan has felt under fire and in those circumstances anyone could lose it for a while.”

Boyle’s family are reportedly hopeful that she will be fit to leave the Priory Clinic as early as today, although a representative for Talent producers Talkback Thames said that it is too early to say whether she will join the upcoming tour.

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