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Sharon Osbourne attacks Susan Boyle

Wake up call - Sharon your fucking ugly

Wake up call - Sharon your fucking ugly

Susan Boyle fans all over are angered to here Sharon Osbourne claims that Susan Boyle looks like a “slapped arse” . Lets face it Sharon your kids certainly are not good looking and I would want a million quid to stick my dick in your ugly daughter.
Sharon ( who had to have plastic surgery cause she is so ugly ) who is a America‘s Got Talent judge made the disgusting remark on a US radio interview along with a string of other insults about Susan Boyle’s appearance.
Sharon Osbourne  interviewed on Sirius XM Radio “I like everybody to do well. Even somebody that looks like a slapped arsee. God bless her. It’s like, ‘You go girl’. She does look like a hairy arseehole.” – check out Sharons great picture below.
Sharon then went on to describe the overnight sensation as a “lovely lady” who needs a “Gillette razor”.
“God gave her the talent. Yes he did. and he hit her with a fucking ugly stick.”
Sharon scathing hypocritical attack comes just two months after she was seen applauding and blowing a kiss at Boyle following her performance on the America’s Got Talent final – the two faced bitch.

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Susan Boyle America’s Got Talent pre-recorded?

Susan Boyle Biggest America’s Got Talent ‘Wild Horses’

Susan Boyle Biggest America’s Got Talent ‘Wild Horses’

Reports are coming in that Susan Boyle’s TV singing debut on America’s Got Talent was pre recorded

Susan who performed her debut single ‘Wild Horses’ on America’s Got Talent final  on Wednesday this week.

Apparently most of the show was live but Susans appearance was taped the day before and was slotted into the show according to the Daily Star.

The newspaper clames  “Given Susan’s history, no-one was taking any chances. It was a sensible precaution to get her song in the can.

“It took the pressure off her and enabled her to relax and give her best in front of her biggest ever audience.”

As we all remember Susan was admited to the Priory clinic in June after having a hard time with her her new found fame after Britain’s Got Talent – and lets face it, who wouldn’t.

I dont care – it was an amazing performance of Susan Bolye Wild Horses

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Susan Boyle to duet on The X Factor

Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent

Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent

Dermot O’Leary has said that Susan Boyle will appear on the next series of The X Factor.

According to The Sun, programme bosses want the Britain’s Got Talent runner-up to mentor finalists in the over-25 group and perform alongside the singers.

O’Leary said: “Who she’s going to duet with – that’s the fun part.”

Regarding Boyle’s appearance on Britain’s Got Talent, he continued: “She was brilliant. I think finishing second was probably the best thing that could have happened to her.”

O’Leary added that The X Factor would have to improve if it is to beat the 19.2 million viewers recorded during the final of its reality talent competitor.

“We peaked at 13 million last year so we’ve got to get our act together. I’m sure that I will bump into Piers Morgan who is bound to remind me about it,” he said.

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Susan Boyle performs for home crowd in Scotland

susan boyle singing

susan boyle singing

Susan Boyle has performed in front of her home crowd on the Britain’s Got Talent live tour, says Metro.

The 48-year-old from Blackburn, West Lothian took to the stage at Glasgow’s SECC last night, after missing two performances in Manchester over the weekend.

Onlookers said that she sang ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ and ‘Memory’ from the musical Les Miserables for thousands of her Scottish fans.

Boyle’s appearance at the concert had been in doubt after she was forced to pull out of a matinee and evening performance at Manchester’s MEN arena on doctor’s orders.

It was previously suggested that Boyle would not be performing on every leg of the Britain’s Got Talent tour, as she recently completed a stint in the Priory for exhaustion

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Mariah Carey Susan Boyle

Mariah Carey Feels Sorry For Su-Bo

Susan Boyle can add pop superstar Mariah Carey to her list of famous friends after the diva (Mariah, not Su-Bo) insisted she’s not surprised the Scottish singing sensation is freaked out by her sudden rise to stardom.

Boyle became an international star overnight when she showed off her singing skills on U.K. TV show Britain’s Got Talent, but the instant interest became too much for the spinster to handle – she checked into a mental health clinic after her final appearance on the show.

Carey, who herself suffered a physical and emotional breakdown in 2001, is far from surprised. She says, “I feel bad for her… We build people up so quickly now that of course it’s going to freak some people out. It’s difficult. It’s got to be tough.”

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