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Paul Potts not competing with Susan Boyle

Paul Potts has insisted that he does not regard Susan Boyle as a rival following her recent success.

Boyle has secured a strong international fanbase since making her debut on Britain’s Got Talent in April, mirroring Potts’s own experience on the ITV1 programme’s first series in 2007.

The Scottish singer is expected to soon join Potts on Simon Cowell’s record label, however the show’s original winner does not believe that they are in competition.

Speaking to Seven magazine, he explained: “We sing different styles of music. And one’s a male voice and one’s a female voice, and that makes a difference.”

Potts also revealed that he has become more ambitious since making his TV debut two years ago.

He commented: “It’s good to get a day off occasionally. But when you’re in the market, you think: ‘What could I be doing with today to become even more successful?’ You think: ‘Just get me some work. Get me a performance on a channel’. You don’t get too many opportunities and you have to grab each one, because I have to be a success if I’m going to continue to do this.”

Potts released his second album Passione earlier this month.

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Susan Boyle won’t manage entire Britain’s Got Talent live tour

Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent

Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent

Susan Boyle will reportedly only take part in a number of shows on the Britain’s Got Talent live tour.

The 48-year-old, who was admitted into the Priory clinic suffering from exhaustion after losing out to Diversity in the ITV1 show final, is said to be conserving her energy to record an album.

Boyle is currently in London where rehearsals for the 23-date live show are taking place, however organisers are yet to confirm whether she will perform on the opening night in Birmingham on Friday.

“Everything depends on Susan and how she feels. We have made it clear that we are in her hands and we just want to make sure that she is fit and well,” a source told The Sun.

“At the moment it looks like Susan will join the rest of the BGT finalists on stage on some of the dates, but she won’t do the entire tour. The details are still being worked out.

“Susan is most excited about starting work on her album and we have a responsibility to make sure she is cared for and is happy and well.”

Boyle’s brother Gerry recently dismissed speculation that the talent show star had a learning difficulty.

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Mariah Carey Susan Boyle

Mariah Carey Feels Sorry For Su-Bo

Susan Boyle can add pop superstar Mariah Carey to her list of famous friends after the diva (Mariah, not Su-Bo) insisted she’s not surprised the Scottish singing sensation is freaked out by her sudden rise to stardom.

Boyle became an international star overnight when she showed off her singing skills on U.K. TV show Britain’s Got Talent, but the instant interest became too much for the spinster to handle – she checked into a mental health clinic after her final appearance on the show.

Carey, who herself suffered a physical and emotional breakdown in 2001, is far from surprised. She says, “I feel bad for her… We build people up so quickly now that of course it’s going to freak some people out. It’s difficult. It’s got to be tough.”

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Simon Cowell warns Susan Boyle to “get yourself together” after makeover

Latest Susan Boyle makeover here

The creator and judge of the ITV show said he was fed up with stories about 47-year-old Boyle’s unkempt hair, bushy eyebrows and pet cats.
He urged the middle-aged spinster to focus on winning the television talent competition rather than being caught up in the whirlwind of attention that has focused on her after she wowed audiences with her performance on the show.
Footage of Boyle’s rendition of I Dreamed a Dream on Britain’s Got Talent has turned into a YouTube hit and attracted celebrity followers including Demi Moore and husband Ashton Kutcher.
Cowells comments come after Boyle, from West Lothian, underwent a makeover to polish her dowdy appearance, including having her eyebrows plucked, her hair dyed and new clothes.
Speaking in Los Angeles on Friday night, Cowell said: “She has got four weeks to prepare for the biggest night of her life, and she has got to sing better than she sang before with all those expectations on her.
“But it could all go horribly wrong for her because there are so many other distractions.
“Get yourself together sweetheart for the big one – the semi-final. Shut the door, choose the right song and come back as who you are, not who you want to be,” he said.
He also said he was embarrassed at his initial reaction when Boyle walked on stage.
“We were all guilty on the panel of judging her before she sang, and we got got it utterly wrong. You watch it back and it is embarrassing,” said Cowell, who is well-known for his acid-tongued comments.
Britain’s Got Talent is open to anyone regardless of age or performing skills. It has 40 versions worldwide and the fourth season of the U.S. version, America’s Got Talent, kicks off on NBC on June 23.
“I am seriously thinking now we should hold two more open auditions (of America’s Got Talent) off the back of Susan Boyle.
“You don’t have to be a singer who is 47 and never been kissed, but just someone who says ‘I think I am talented, and I don’t think people are going to judge me because of the way I look’,” he said.

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Susan get a makeover

susan boyle makeoversusan boyle makeover

UPDATE – Susan Boyles latest make over here –

SINGING sensation Susan Boyle last night revealed her new look – having ditched the dowdy appearance that helped make her an international phenomenon.
The 47-year-old Scottish spinster – who has famously “never been kissed” – had her greying, frizzy hair dyed chestnut brown

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How Susan Boyle won over the world

from the bbc

Last weekend, Susan Boyle was just a face in the crowd.

This weekend, clips of her singing on Britain’s Got Talent have notched up almost 50 million views on YouTube.

Her face appears on the front pages of papers in Britain and beyond, she been offered a seat on Oprah’s sofa and has been told she is as good as guaranteed a worldwide number one album.

The rise of the 47-year-old spinster from Scotland has been a true global phenomenon.

Last Saturday, viewers saw Boyle, with double chin, unkempt hair, frumpy appearance and eccentric demeanour, step onto the talent show stage and proclaim her dream of being a professional singer.

The judges rolled their eyes and the audience pulled incredulous faces. Onlookers, on set and at home, were rubbing their hands at the prospect of another hopeless, deluded loser being crushed by a withering Simon Cowell insult.

Then she opened her mouth and sang I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserables.

Her voice confounded all expectations – the judges’ eyes bulged, the crowd went wild and Boyle became an instant star.

Watch Susan Boyle perform I Dreamed A Dream and speak to BBC Scotland

Ever since, the “fairytale” has travelled the globe and interest in the church volunteer has snowballed.

It is the story of a talent unearthed, but that does not fully explain why she has become such a sensation.

Boyle has shattered prejudices about the connection between age, appearance and talent. She has proved that you don’t have to be young and glamorous to be talented, and recognised as such.

The YouTube millions have cheered on the underdog, and seen in her the possibilities for their own hopes and dreams.

Susan Boyle poster

Locals in her home town of Blackburn, West Lothian, have got behind her

Immediately after her performance, one of the judges, Amanda Holden, said they had been “very cynical”, and that the performance was the “biggest wake-up call ever”.

Another judge, former newspaper editor Piers Morgan, appeared with Boyle on CNN’s Larry King Show.

“I’m sorry because we did not give you anything like the respect we should have done when you first came out,” he told her. Referring to her appearance, he said: “We thought you were going to be a bit of a joke act, to be honest with you.”

Boyle would have a best-selling album and a world tour by the end of the year, whether she wins Britain’s Got Talent or not, he assured her.

And mentioning fellow judge Simon Cowell, Morgan added: “It’s fair to say that his eyes have been going ker-ching ever since Susan’s performance.”

Blogs, newspaper columns and talk shows have been full of discussion about why Boyle has sparked such a reaction.

She reordered the measure of beauty – and I had no idea until tears sprang how desperately I need that corrective
Lisa Schwarzbaum
Entertainment Weekly

Lisa Schwarzbaum, writer for US celebrity magazine Entertainment Weekly, said the performance was a powerful reality check.

She wrote: “In our pop-minded culture so slavishly obsessed with packaging – the right face, the right clothes, the right attitudes, the right Facebook posts – the unpackaged artistic power of the unstyled, un-hip, un-kissed Ms Boyle let me feel, for the duration of one blazing showstopping ballad, the meaning of human grace.

“She pierced my defences. She reordered the measure of beauty. And I had no idea until tears sprang how desperately I need that corrective.”

Her post has been followed by comments from scores of readers saying they watched the clip repeatedly, with the same emotional response.

“I cried SO hard,” read one. “There’s something so beautiful about reaching your dreams… and knowing that age means nothing.”

Another wrote: “I cry because she reminds us to hope, to never lose track of our dreams, to keep putting one foot in front of the other no matter what others say or think. She gives us hope.”

Susan Boyle at home

Boyle’s home has been besieged by media from around the world

“Fairytales don’t come any more satisfactory than this,” wrote columnist Melanie Reid in The Times.

“The sisterhood of the plain, those of us who will never look like Girls Aloud, nor even Girls Aloud’s grandmothers, are cheering as never before.

“Susan Boyle is the ugly duckling who didn’t need to turn into a swan; she has fulfilled the dreams of millions who, downtrodden by the cruelty of a culture that judges them on their appearance, have settled for life without looking in the mirror.”

Miranda Sawyer, writing in the Daily Mirror, questioned why image was less of an issue for male singers.

“No woman gets to perform publicly unless she looks like Mariah Carey,” she wrote. “If you’re a female singer, you are required by showbiz law to appear sexy at all times.

“Poor Madonna and Kylie are desperately keeping up appearances, holding back the years with Botox and face-fillers just so they’re allowed to continue with their careers.”

The Sun newspaper has given away a free Susan Boyle souvenir poster. US talk show host Jay Leno performed an impression of her on his show.

Demi Moore famously joined the fan club. Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond has congratulated her. She is odds-on favourite to win Britain’s Got Talent.

A star has been born. Whether she will she leave a dent on our prejudices about age and appearance remains to be seen.

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