Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne attacks Susan Boyle

Wake up call - Sharon your fucking ugly

Wake up call - Sharon your fucking ugly

Susan Boyle fans all over are angered to here Sharon Osbourne claims that Susan Boyle looks like a “slapped arse” . Lets face it Sharon your kids certainly are not good looking and I would want a million quid to stick my dick in your ugly daughter.
Sharon ( who had to have plastic surgery cause she is so ugly ) who is a America‘s Got Talent judge made the disgusting remark on a US radio interview along with a string of other insults about Susan Boyle’s appearance.
Sharon Osbourne  interviewed on Sirius XM Radio “I like everybody to do well. Even somebody that looks like a slapped arsee. God bless her. It’s like, ‘You go girl’. She does look like a hairy arseehole.” – check out Sharons great picture below.
Sharon then went on to describe the overnight sensation as a “lovely lady” who needs a “Gillette razor”.
“God gave her the talent. Yes he did. and he hit her with a fucking ugly stick.”
Sharon scathing hypocritical attack comes just two months after she was seen applauding and blowing a kiss at Boyle following her performance on the America’s Got Talent final – the two faced bitch.

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Susan Boyle to sing on America’s Got Talent

Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent

Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent

Susan Boyle has been offered the opportunity to perform on America’s Got Talent.

The 48-year-old Scottish singer will appear on the US version of the talent show as long as she is “well enough”, according to judge Piers Morgan.

“If she’s up for it and she is well enough, our feeling is she probably will [appear],” he said. “Absolutely!”

America’s Got Talent, which is judged by Morgan, David Hasselhoff and Sharon Osbourne, begins on NBC on June 23.

“Susan singing live to 25 million Americans? That would be great!” added Morgan.

Boyle’s brother John has previously revealed that 95% of the reality TV star’s fan-mail comes from America.

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