Susan Boyle America’s Got Talent pre-recorded?

Susan Boyle Biggest America’s Got Talent ‘Wild Horses’

Susan Boyle Biggest America’s Got Talent ‘Wild Horses’

Reports are coming in that Susan Boyle’s TV singing debut on America’s Got Talent was pre recorded

Susan who performed her debut single ‘Wild Horses’ on America’s Got Talent final  on Wednesday this week.

Apparently most of the show was live but Susans appearance was taped the day before and was slotted into the show according to the Daily Star.

The newspaper clames  “Given Susan’s history, no-one was taking any chances. It was a sensible precaution to get her song in the can.

“It took the pressure off her and enabled her to relax and give her best in front of her biggest ever audience.”

As we all remember Susan was admited to the Priory clinic in June after having a hard time with her her new found fame after Britain’s Got Talent – and lets face it, who wouldn’t.

I dont care – it was an amazing performance of Susan Bolye Wild Horses

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